Thursday, October 4, 2012

Patience is a Virtue...

Patience is not only a virtue, but can be quite valuable when thrifting. 
 Last week I was short on time (and patience to be honest) when I saw this cute pitcher at my local thrift shop.  I had to pass it up.  I couldn't face the long checkout line. 
Fast forward one week and I am back at the thrift shop.  It is 10am. 
 I have not learned my lesson to avoid the morning hours.  There is good news, the little cottage ware pitcher is still waiting for me.  There is bad news, so is the long line at the checkout.  Isn't it strange how somedays you can deal and some days you can't?  Today I can deal and decide to wait in line...patiently.  The lady in front of me was in no hurry.  After she paid, she continued to ask to see things in the display case behind the register.  Her daughter, who had driven her, was so frustrated that she went to wait for her in the car.  The rest of us would have to wait it out.  I decided to check out the items in the case.
This little corn pitcher caught my eye.
And this cute teapot. 
 I had time to kill, so used the Etsy app on my iphone to do a little search. 
 What a great find.  Two pieces of Shawnee king corn pottery for $9.
Patience, when thrifting, can really pay off!

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  1. I'm glad your treasures were still waiting for you. I completely understand patience and shopping.

  2. It's a pretty set and so nice for the end of summer and early autumn.

  3. Yes, those are really cute!

  4. Lovely finds and everything looks so perfectly autumnal too...Well done you for being so patient!
    Hope you have a lovely weekend,
    Susan x

  5. Thank you for visiting my page. Please let me know how to make a mini-etsy, I love yours!

  6. I'll say! I especially love the cottage ware pitcher! Never seen one like it!

  7. Lovely finds. Patience is a virtue it seems. Sometimes I can wait and sometimes I can't. I understand. Just glad your pieces were there when you went back.


  8. What wonderful finds. You'll have fun with those sweet pitchers.
    Mary Alice