Monday, October 31, 2011


Here in New Jersey, we experienced the crazy October snowstorm that hit the Northeast on Saturday.  "Snowtober" is the official term I have heard for the storm.  It snowed all day Saturday.  A thick, wet, fluffy kind of snow that did a number on the old trees in our town.  Still full of leaves, the added weight of this unusually wet snow was too much for many of the trees and big branches have come down on houses, yards and power lines.  It felt like a February storm hit the area in terms of the damage.  And then Sunday, the sun came out and it was Fall again.  So the question is, when school is closed on Halloween due to a snow day, how do you convince your kids that noon is too early to start trick or treating?

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Vintage Bib Makeover

When I'm searching for vintage linens, I seem to be drawn to unique and whimsical children's pieces. It's hard to resist a cute bib or crib quilt, even though my youngest is 5 and "too big", as she says, for any of those things. Still, I couldn't resist this pair of cat bibs.
After enjoying them for many months just hanging in my closet, I knew it was time to find a place for them around the house. I couldn't bear to cut into them, but realized they already had a backing and could be made into pillows (hopefully for my bed since the kids were "too big" for such cuteness). All I needed to do was snip off the neck ties and cut a small opening for stuffing. My big girl enjoyed the stuffing part.
And we were done....... A simple no sew project and 2 adorable pillows. Turns out my daughter isn't "too big" for adorable cat pillows and she has swiped them for her bed!
Luckily, I used the pillows as inspiration for a new item in my etsy shop and now I have my own "vintage inspired" kittie pillows to keep me company.
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Perfect Packaging

With the slew of holidays we have ahead of us in the months of October, November and December I wanted to share a web-site chock full of fun products and creative ideas. It is a great resource for good old-fashioned packaging supplies for your holiday baking, entertaining and gift giving. Garnish was started by two women inspired by the creativity that basic packaging allowed them in their party planning and gift giving. As you might guess, they had trouble finding the products they were looking for and a business was born.

Their products provide a "blank canvas", as they put it, just waiting for your personal expression. They have a great selection of containers, serving utensils, bakery twine, labels, bags and more to tempt your creativity. I am a big fan of creative packaging and truly appreciate a gift or meal with an added personal touch. The basic look and blank slate of these good old-fashioned supplies can allow your food, entertaining and creativity to take center stage. They also have a blog full of creative ideas and photos sent in by customers. Enjoy!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Christmas Countdown

We are in full-on Halloween mode around here with assembling the kid's costumes and decorating for Fall.  But, I did need to get into the Christmas spirit over the weekend and start to work up a Holiday version of my vintage inspired child's apron for the etsy shop.  This artwork of a little girl baking really pulled at my heartstrings, but I came up empty handed on vintage embroidery patterns that were cheery enough for a happy little baker.

I know the embroidery design has to be as cute as my happy little pie and cupcakes, so I'm having to get creative and draw from childhood memories and my good old-fashioned baking supplies.  I'm almost done with the design and I'm hoping my own happy little baker will approve!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A Happy Home

This little house really made my day. I happened upon it when looking in etsy for something else and, once I saw it, I couldn't get it out of my mind. I love Cottage Ware and it resembles my own house (transformed from beige to green a few years ago when we had to re-paint the exterior). It was just so cute! I saved it in my favorites and enjoyed "having" it on my computer. It didn't take long to realize, that if I had seen this little gem while out shopping, I would have scooped it up immediately. So, back to etsy to buy my little dream house. I love seeing it whenever I walk into the kitchen and the green coordinates perfectly with the Napco cookie jar it shares the counter with.

I recently bought a book on Cottage Ware by Eileen Rose Busby, to better understand the collection of little ceramic houses I have accumulated over the years. As it turns out, I am a bit of a cheap date in terms of Cottage Ware. I collect random pieces based on colors that appeal to me or match my decor. Most of my pieces are marked "made in Japan" and not particularly valuable. Turns out this little green house says "Japan" on the bottom as well. Welcome to the neighborhood happy little house! Do you have a favorite find that makes you happy?

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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Good Old-Fashioned Food

I am always drawn to the success stories of women entrepreneurs who followed their passion or drew from a childhood memory to create something new, unique and fabulous.  I recently came across the story of Katie Camarro, in a beautiful magazine "Where Women Cook".  Katie created an award-winning hot fudge,  Sundaes Best,  based on a family fudge sauce recipe, 5 simple ingredients and fond memories.  Many things came together for Katie to make her dream a reality, including a timely gift from her husband.  He bought her a vintage 1956 truck for her 37th birthday that became a catchy marketing tool and her company logo.  

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Finally, Fall

I had hoped for a warm September since last Winter seemed to drag on forever.  But, I think everyone was surprised by how mild September actually was and we are all itching to put out our pumpkins and do a little Fall decorating.  I finished my vintage quilt block pillows recently and love the way the colors coordinate with our porch wicker.  A departure from my go to colors (pink, blue, yellow, mint green), I'm enjoying having to think in terms of the darker burgundy, burnt orange and slate green we are using in many of our downstairs rooms and the porch.  I knew when I found these vintage quilt block squares that they would make the perfect pillows.  
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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Burlap & Yellow

I stumbled upon a treasury list in etsy featuring burlap and yellow.
A combination to remember...
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