Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Loose Change

The next time I am in the checkout line at the thrift shop and the line is not moving because a woman has dumped her purse out on the counter to hunt for loose change, I will wait patiently with a smile on my face.  The other day, that woman was me. 
Two weeks into my New Year's resolution to only visit the cash machine once a week, I made the mistake of going into the thrift shop with no money.  As luck would have it, I spotted these Westmoreland milk glass candlesticks.  Could you find $2 worth of loose change in the bottom of your purse if you were in a bind?
And then, could you find another couple of bucks worth of change between the seats in your car so you could run back in and get this beautiful Hemingray insulator?  Please remind me next year to think twice before making such a bold New Year's resolution! 

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  1. Now hour purse is lighter and you have some beautiful candle holders. Cute story.

  2. So pretty! Great finds.

    Thank you for your comment. My mom sewed beautifully, but I have never touched a sewing machine. I know how to hem and stuff things etcetera from observation. Maybe I will end up learning from my daughter.

  3. I keep a little packet of ones for thrifting and now I have to remember some change, too. My thrift stores charge tax! Better put all of your dollar bills in your car! heehee! Great buys!

  4. I'm smiling ear from ear. I've done the same thing. Digging for change in the hopes of finding "just enough" for that perfect little thrifted treasure.

  5. so funny! I would not be able to dig for change because I never have cash to get change, but your treasures are just lovely!

    The Joyful Thrifter