Friday, December 9, 2011

A Sea of Snowmen

I have a sea of snowmen on my kitchen counter and they are really putting me in the Christmas spirit.  An activity we had planned this week for our boy scout meeting fell through, so I had to scramble to come up with something to keep the boys occupied.  When all else fails, plan a craft project!  I searched for a mason jar snow globe tutorial and found one from julie ann art's blog that we will be doing with the boys (here is the snow globe tutorial link).  You need specific supplies like distilled water, a little glycerin and very strong water proof glue, but I think the end result will be worth it.  There were a number of tutorials out there without liquid, but I knew the boys would want the real deal.  I had hoped the boys would be able to glue down their own trees and snowmen, but all the glues I looked at suggested a good 24 hour dry time before getting wet.  Plus, a group of ten year old boys and a bottle of crazy glue is a recipe for disaster!  I opted for a glue called "liquid fusion, clear urethane" that I found at Michael's that promises to be 100% waterproof.  I think 2 jugs of water and a huge shaker of glitter snow will give them enough things to spill and splatter all over the kitchen!
We will also be writing Holiday letters to servicemen for a "Season of Service" project.  Here is the link if your kids want to participate.

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  1. I love your little snowmen, and I think your right about the glue! lol