Sunday, January 8, 2012

Growing Paperwhites

I love starting Paperwhite bulbs indoors this time of year.  It's a quick, easy project that yields big time results and a little reminder that Spring is around the corner.  Paperwhite Narcissus are members of the Daffodil family, so are hearty little bloomers.  5 bulbs is enough to get a nice group of blooms.  Just fill a dish with 2-3 inches of small stones, push the bulbs in (roots facing down) and add water to just above the base of the bulbs.  They grow quickly and within a few weeks you will have lovely, fragrant blooms to brighten your space.  For more detailed instructions, click on this link for White Flower Farm.

My Paperwhites have really taken off since I started them a few days ago.  And, since I always root for the underdog, I am cheering on this little guy in hopes that he can catch up with the others.

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