Monday, January 2, 2012

A New Year~A New Tradition

The last week of school before Christmas break, my son's fourth grade class had to write about their family Holiday traditions.  A reminder of the importance of creating special memories for our kids and how we all appreciate the efforts our parents made over the years to preserve and pass along family traditions.  Of course, all traditions need to start somewhere and there are always opportunities to add your personal touch to your family history.  With three young kids, we tend to stay in on New Years Eve and it's an easy night to overlook after a week off from school and many days of keeping the kids occupied.  I wanted to create a new tradition for New Years Eve that we could all get excited about and be a part of.  The kids aren't interested in staying up until midnight quite yet, so I thought a special family meal would be fun.  Fondue crossed my mind, but it seemed a little rich after weeks of overeating, so I settled on homemade pizza.
I have never attempted to make my own dough (I will save that for next year), so bought dough from our local pizza place and gathered some nice mozzarella, sauce and pepperoni.
The kids really enjoyed helping roll out the dough, spread the sauce, rip the cheese into tiny pieces and top the pizza.
It was a huge success, kept their little hands busy and turned out pretty well for our first try.  A new tradition for our family, that I look forward to building on in the future.  Do you have any special New Years traditions?

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