Friday, August 31, 2012

Looking Forward, Looking Back

We all have a list of things we are looking forward to when September comes.  Perhaps you are looking forward to cooler weather after a hot summer, or a little "me time" once the kids are settled back into their school routine.  But, I also suspect a number of us are looking forward to .... estate sales!!  Am I right?  I found it to be slim pickings during the summer months and I can't wait to go digging through a box of musty old linens or routing through the kitchen cabinets and drawers of a kitchen that has seen better days.  
The few finds I did come across this summer were at local thrift shops.  It is always hit or miss, but every so often something will catch my eye.  A favorite is this vintage Evenflo baby formula pitcher.  I have used Evenflo products over the years, 
but had no idea that the company dates back to the 1920's.
I love the bold red graphics.  
Very similar to my old Pyrex measuring cup.
Looking back, I have to say that Evenflo products got me through the early years of raising my kids.  Back in the 1920's could they have even imagined a future of manufacturing car seats, plastic high chairs, or my oldest daughter's much beloved pacifier?   
It's nice to see a company last for so many generations 
and so fun to have come across this little pitcher.

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  1. Wow, that is cool. The name is familiar!

  2. I love the old pitcher - I have an old Pyrex bottle - they're pretty neat...

  3. Interesting I've never seen one of these! And from the 20's??? I didn't realize they were that old either. Thank you for sharing at Cap Creations.

  4. I'd love a bottle like that or a milk bottle. I have 3 of the pyrex measuring cups that I've used since I became a bride back in 1980!

    I have never been to an estate sale! I always live in small towns and they just don't have them- or they don't advertise them or something... Oh well. Yesterday, the hubs and I went to a "city" wide garage sale in the neighboring town and that was fun and then there are plenty of thrift shops around here, too. ♥