Thursday, August 16, 2012


I bought a roll of raffle tickets at a party store a few years ago and they have served me well.  I promise you, if you pull out a roll of raffle tickets, you will have an instant audience and willing participants whether it be adults or children.  Young or old, everyone seems eager to take a chance and accept their fate at the hand of lady luck.  A quick raffle has helped us settle seating assignments at Thanksgiving, decide who gets to open presents first at our Christmas gathering with the grandparents and lay claim to the first or last slice of cake when necessary.  Beyond impromptu "games of chance", our roll of raffle tickets is most often used as reward tickets to motivate the kids to work towards a goal.  My son is still chipping away at his summer reading and math sheets, and the raffle tickets have come to the rescue to motivate him to keep going.  He happily plops a ticket in the jar each time he finishes an assignment and gets one step closer to winning his reward!     


  1. Great idea...I have a little stash of raffle tickets too. I used to use them for price tags when I was selling in a local shop :) Laurel

  2. What super ideas. I bet Josie would love to use some of my raffle tickets as reading and future homework motivators. Thanks for sharing!