Sunday, September 30, 2012

Truly Local Honey

This Summer I shared a few photos of my favorite farm stand right down the road from where we vacationed in Massachusetts.  Beyond the yummy tomatoes and sweet corn, what captured my heart was the fact that it was an honor stand.  Such a good old fashioned treat to visit each day while on vacation.  We found a handful of honor stands while vacationing this summer and they all charmed me.
But, I must admit, I have a new favorite.  It is this adorable honor stand my husband and son built a few weeks ago to sell their homegrown honey.  They have brought a little of that old fashioned charm we enjoyed so much this summer, back to New Jersey.  Lemonade stands are a common sight on our street, but a honey stand is not something you usually come across in a residential neighborhood!
The neighbors have enjoyed watching our bees this past year 
and have all been anxious to get a taste.
They are my son's best customers.
And I will say, everyone has been "honorable" so far.  Everytime 
a jar or two disappears, my son finds money in the cigar box.  
Needless to say, everyone is quite charmed by his little honor stand. 



  1. How sweet. What a special memory your son will have of his honey stand.

  2. This is so great! Your son is quite the entrepreneur. Wish I lived close enough to stop by for some honey.
    Thank you for stopping by and your very kind comments.
    Mary Alice

  3. What a wonderful idea and such a charming stand your husband and son built together. It must be so exciting for your son to watch the stand every day. Thanks for sharing and for visiting with me.

  4. Oh, that is charming!! How sweet and good feeling! I am happy that people are keeping there honor, too. I wish I saw things like that around here! What fun.

  5. I love that. When I was young I remember the corn stands. I've also seen it all over Hawaii with fruit and flowers. In New Mexico it is chili and pottery. But where we are now we don't have it. It is sweet and nostalgic.

  6. I love the stand and the concept! If I lived nearby I'd be a regular customer! Also thanks to your comment, I now have the mini-etsy on my page. I made it really mini but it works for me : )