Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Vintage Bib Makeover

When I'm searching for vintage linens, I seem to be drawn to unique and whimsical children's pieces. It's hard to resist a cute bib or crib quilt, even though my youngest is 5 and "too big", as she says, for any of those things. Still, I couldn't resist this pair of cat bibs.
After enjoying them for many months just hanging in my closet, I knew it was time to find a place for them around the house. I couldn't bear to cut into them, but realized they already had a backing and could be made into pillows (hopefully for my bed since the kids were "too big" for such cuteness). All I needed to do was snip off the neck ties and cut a small opening for stuffing. My big girl enjoyed the stuffing part.
And we were done....... A simple no sew project and 2 adorable pillows. Turns out my daughter isn't "too big" for adorable cat pillows and she has swiped them for her bed!
Luckily, I used the pillows as inspiration for a new item in my etsy shop and now I have my own "vintage inspired" kittie pillows to keep me company.
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  1. Such a cute, idea love it! I love vintage textiles. Laura Cottage and Broome