Sunday, April 15, 2012

Good Old Fashioned Food-Ice Box Cake

With no relatives in town this Easter, we decided to keep the meal simple and spent the day focused on the kids activities (Easter baskets, church, an egg hunt, and taking a long walk at a newly discovered park).  We wanted a super easy dessert that could be a group project, so we opted for an ice box cake.  This had been a favorite of my husband's when he was growing up.  I googled "chocolate ice box cake" (even though we were pretty sure of the recipe).  I was amazed at how fancy this simple little cake has become.  I was expecting photos of the traditional log version, but found some beautiful photos of stacked cakes.  People have even made individual cupcake versions!

We opted to try the "new" stacked cake.  The recipe is still the same: 2-3 packages Nabisco chocolate wafers, plus whipped cream (made from 3 cups heavy cream, 3 tbsp, powdered sugar and 1 tsp. vanilla).  The first layer is 7 of the cookies arranged in a circle with one in the middle.

We had the kids help spread the whipped cream and stack the layers of cookies.  It can be refrigerated overnight (or as little as 5-6 hours).  It is so yummy and sweet.  A guaranteed sugar headache from your first bite!

And, in our house, helpers always get to lick the spoon!


  1. Wasn't this the dessert that Jean made in the book Jean and Johnny by Beverly Cleary?

    1. That would be fun if the icebox cake was in the book. I will have to have my 10 year old check it out and do some research-a great excuse to get him to read!!