Sunday, June 3, 2012

A Change of Scenery

I have been wanting to share some photos of our trip to New England over Memorial Day weekend.  A change of scenery is always a great way to start the Summer.  
Water, a rocky coastline and boats, I could look at this view all day.
The rosa rugosa were in bloom and so colorful.
The boats and water definitely influenced my weekend finds.  I was in the mood for some rustic cabin decorating and couldn't resist these vintage galvanized bait buckets.  The larger one has beautiful red graphics and I love the oval shape of the smaller wade bucket.  They will be great additions to my son's nautical/americana themed room.
When my husband saw that the larger bucket still had it's original insulated liner, 
he ran out to buy some live eels and took it fishing. 
 I have a photo of the eels in my pretty bucket,
 but it is too slimy to post. 
The striped bass he caught is a little easier on the eyes and tasted yummy.
And best of all, my husband thinks that my new find is a keeper.


  1. Looks like a fantastic weekend. Your bait buckets are awesome. My husband has a room full of vintage fishing/hunting decor. I have fantasies of someday filling a cottage/cabin with his collection. Happy summer!

  2. Love the bait buckets, a wonderful vintage find! Laura

    1. keeper indeed i agree with you husband! great colors go perfectly with Americana too. thanks for joining us at cap creations. i have to say i have never seen a bait bucket.

  3. Oh my, how lovely...a trip to New England...I would love to visit that beautiful area of the world one day!
    Lovely vintage coastal finds too...
    Hope you have a happy week,
    Susan x

  4. Lovely pictures...and fun finds :) Laurel

  5. Beautiful view, and the buckets are great!

  6. I love those minnow buckets. My family had a Bait & Tackle Shop for many years and my dad had several of those buckets. I think I still have one somewhere.

  7. I am in love with those rustic bait buckets. I found you from a blog hop and am now a follower.

  8. Love those buckets; metal/galvanized--anything "industrial" finds my heart. Great pics!

  9. Wow, those galvanized buckets are great! That's an awesome shot of the coastline!