Thursday, November 10, 2011

Chevron Fever

We have all been hearing about "Missoni Fever" as a result of the Missoni for Target product launch in mid-September.  The graphic prints are colorful and amazing and deserve the attention.  Plus, all the hype is drawing attention to the good old-fashioned chevron design that deserves every bit of praise that it receives.  The classic V shape of the chevron pattern has long been a staple of houseware design and decorating.

One of my favorite crafters, Betz White, even designed a chevron pattern for Kleenex last year. Betz knit the sample for this box and then Kleenex photographed her work, manipulated it and turned it into the final product. 

I'm sure much of the Missoni line was created using computers and design programs.  But, before the days of computers, chevron patterns were most likely seen in knitting, crochet and home sewing projects.  A true display of the time, talent and love that women put into their creations.  I am lucky enough to have a vintage chevron apron of my own. 

I am in awe of the detail work that went into meticulously cutting and piecing the original striped fabric to create the classic V and inverted V's of the chevron design.  The woman that made this vintage gem cut, pieced and sewed together 12 individual strips to create her masterpiece.

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  1. I too am loving all the chevrons I'm seeing. Your apron is a work of art. My local quilt shop owner reported back from quilt market in Houston that Chevrons were an outstanding theme this year. I found you through Romantic Homes Show and Tell. Now I'm going to spend some time reading your posts.