Monday, November 7, 2011

Vintage Inspired Playroom Organizers

As my five year old gets bigger, it seems her toys get smaller and we were having trouble keeping all her little plastic friends organized.  I saw these glass slant jars at The Container Store and realized I could use them in the playroom for now and the kitchen or office when we no longer need them for toys (please tell me young kids do outgrow this phase where they hoard all things small and plastic!).  They remind me of old fashioned candy store containers and you can easily see what's inside.  There are lots of things inside!
I searched google images for the items we would be keeping in each of the containers (Little People, Animals and Princesses) and printed out pictures so my little princess would know who belongs where.

Somewhat Simpleshabby creek cottage

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  1. What a fantastic idea...I'll have to try this in my daughter's room. Only thing is, she has about a bajillion plastic thingies and still going strong (she's 10!)