Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The House on the Hill

With snow falling all day Saturday, we stayed inside and tried to keep busy.  I have been wanting to make another pillow from my vintage linens.  So, I gathered my stash (from the closet, dresser, china cabinet) and spread everything out on the bed to take a look.  Lots of hand stitched flowers, ditsy prints and ginghams were in the pile, as these always catch my eye when I am out hunting.

But wait!  This cute little house on the hill was peeking out from my pile.  I think as we evolve as collectors, we are always adding new layers to our interests (often without even knowing it).  My love of ceramic Cottage Ware seems to be influencing my taste in linens and this tiny house has shown up in my stash.  Lucky for me, because this was the perfect project for a snowy day!

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