Friday, March 9, 2012

A Crochet Quick Fix

In third grade, my neighbor's grandmother taught me to crochet and a crafter was born.  I made everything and anything that could be created with the basic chain stitch and that my pets at the time (a dog and two cats) could wear.  I created blankets, scarves and even hats for my pets and they enjoyed wearing them.  By fifth grade I had moved onto needlepoint and never had a chance to learn any of the more advanced crochet stitches or techniques.

Years ago, when crochet flowers started showing up on hats, scarves and clothing I was determined to learn how to make crochet flowers.  I checked out books from the library, but couldn't find the time to re-introduce myself to crochet and figure out how to make these cuties.  One night when I was randomly cruising Etsy, I typed in "crochet flowers" and found a wonderful quick fix to tide me over until I can find the time for crochet.  My daughter enjoyed laying the flowers and petals out on a long sleeve T.  I sewed them down and then added some of my beloved blanket stitch to the collar.

With Spring right around the corner, we will have to find some more shirts!

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  1. Oh that came out adorable! Orange is so hot for spring this year!!

  2. You are very talented. Those are simply lovely flowers. So sweet and very stylish.

  3. Those are so cute!! Go you!! You are very talented!! Thanks so much for sharing at Thursday's Temptation!