Monday, March 26, 2012

Weekend Finds

Spring has arrived and along with it there is an increase in estate sales in my area.  I have enjoyed scoping them out on-line during the week and being ready to hit the ground running Friday morning.  My husband was off on Friday and I brought him along to share in the fun.  Patience is not one of his strong points and I had to laugh as he waited "patiently" in line for 30 minutes before going into the first sale.  He kept his "this is crazy" and "don't these people have anything better to do" comments to a minimum and actually made a few friends in the crowd.  He even managed to find out about another estate sale nearby that hadn't been advertised.  When it was our turn to go in, he got to work. 
I headed straight for the kitchen in hopes of getting a farmhouse scale I had seen in the on-line pictures.  The scale was already gone, but my husband found these plates I had missed.  We have a collection of these Copeland Spode plates in the "Fruit and Flowers" pattern.  I love the texture of the embossed daisies around the rim.  This set is "Bermuda Flowers".   

 I spotted this planter hiding behind a cabinet door that had been left open.  I am trying to learn more about ironstone, porcelain and stoneware in general and I love this unique piece.  It could hold so many things and can tuck into a corner or fit on a shelf.


  1. How fun that your husband was willing to brave an estate sale with you! Such lovely treasures.

  2. What a good sport your husband was! I bet it was helpful to have another pair of eyes & hands at the sale. That planter you got is really neat! I agree that it has a lot of potential uses. Right now, I think I'd fill it up with pretty Spring flowers!

  3. Your finds are always so lovely...The flower and fruit plates are really pretty and I can definitely imagine something lovely growing in your planter!
    Hope you are having a sunny week,
    Susan x

  4. Followed over from Very Merry Vintage linky. Love your finds :) The planter is really pretty - that would have made my day!