Friday, March 30, 2012

Decorating with Vintage Finds

Every now and then I look back at an item I found over 20 years ago and am happy to find that I am still collecting similar items and incorporating them into my decorating.  

We found these Burnham vegetable can labels when we were first married and fell in love with the simplicity and bright colors of the graphics.  It was fun selecting the individual labels that had meaning to us and creating affordable art for our kitchen.  At the time, we had both moved to Ohio for our first jobs out of college and had rented a small "victory garden" plot in our town.  It was a dry year, so we spent every night after work shuttling jugs of water from our apartment down the road to the garden.  Peas, tomatoes and beans were our first attempt at growing vegetables and paled in comparison to the prize winners on these vintage labels!

Years later, we came across these Card Seed Co. seed packets at an antique show and added them to our collection.  You have probably seen similar booths full of vintage labels and seed packets at antique shows.  In researching my collection, I found a nice overview of vintage seed packets here at The Label Man.

In recent years I have been trying to add more dimension and texture to my home decor.  I found this old store seed display recently and thought it would be a nice addition to our collection.  The colors go well with our kitchen and I'm going to mount it vertically on the wall and display the oldest of the seed packets that came along with it.  Why don't I have a photo of it on my wall you ask?  My husband didn't take the bait to hang it for me, so it's been added to my to do list.....


  1. Your vegetable labels are simply marvelous. I love how you have them framed.

  2. LOVE...these are so cute! Hope to see you join my weekly NEWBIE party. You will meet some new friends.

  3. I want that seed packet display - what a find!!


  4. LOVE these!! That seed display is very neat!

  5. Oh that store seed bin is gorgeous! I'm a fellow vintage lover stopping by from the Newbie party. Happy to be following along. Hope you have a fabulous week!

  6. I really like the store seed display...what a neat find!:)

  7. Love it! The vintage seed display caught my eye. Terrific way of using vintage seed packs and labels.

  8. Love the vintage seed display. Where did you find it?

    1. I recently discovered an antique consignment shop in our area. It is a real mix of vintage finds-some wacky, some traditional. I love going to pick through the shop and always leave with something. I wish the prices were a little cheaper, definitely more than you would pay at an estate sale. etc. I don't even know how old the seed display box is, but I fell in love with it.