Friday, March 30, 2012

Decorating with Vintage Finds

Every now and then I look back at an item I found over 20 years ago and am happy to find that I am still collecting similar items and incorporating them into my decorating.  

We found these Burnham vegetable can labels when we were first married and fell in love with the simplicity and bright colors of the graphics.  It was fun selecting the individual labels that had meaning to us and creating affordable art for our kitchen.  At the time, we had both moved to Ohio for our first jobs out of college and had rented a small "victory garden" plot in our town.  It was a dry year, so we spent every night after work shuttling jugs of water from our apartment down the road to the garden.  Peas, tomatoes and beans were our first attempt at growing vegetables and paled in comparison to the prize winners on these vintage labels!

Years later, we came across these Card Seed Co. seed packets at an antique show and added them to our collection.  You have probably seen similar booths full of vintage labels and seed packets at antique shows.  In researching my collection, I found a nice overview of vintage seed packets here at The Label Man.

In recent years I have been trying to add more dimension and texture to my home decor.  I found this old store seed display recently and thought it would be a nice addition to our collection.  The colors go well with our kitchen and I'm going to mount it vertically on the wall and display the oldest of the seed packets that came along with it.  Why don't I have a photo of it on my wall you ask?  My husband didn't take the bait to hang it for me, so it's been added to my to do list.....

Monday, March 26, 2012

Weekend Finds

Spring has arrived and along with it there is an increase in estate sales in my area.  I have enjoyed scoping them out on-line during the week and being ready to hit the ground running Friday morning.  My husband was off on Friday and I brought him along to share in the fun.  Patience is not one of his strong points and I had to laugh as he waited "patiently" in line for 30 minutes before going into the first sale.  He kept his "this is crazy" and "don't these people have anything better to do" comments to a minimum and actually made a few friends in the crowd.  He even managed to find out about another estate sale nearby that hadn't been advertised.  When it was our turn to go in, he got to work. 
I headed straight for the kitchen in hopes of getting a farmhouse scale I had seen in the on-line pictures.  The scale was already gone, but my husband found these plates I had missed.  We have a collection of these Copeland Spode plates in the "Fruit and Flowers" pattern.  I love the texture of the embossed daisies around the rim.  This set is "Bermuda Flowers".   

 I spotted this planter hiding behind a cabinet door that had been left open.  I am trying to learn more about ironstone, porcelain and stoneware in general and I love this unique piece.  It could hold so many things and can tuck into a corner or fit on a shelf.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Assembly Line Crafting

Last week I had one of those weeks where all the stuff I needed to get done (the dreaded "to do" list) beat out all the things I would rather have been doing.  I committed to tackling most of my "to do" list, but knew that if I kept a little time for being creative, I would be more productive in general.  I needed a simple project that wouldn't require too much of my attention.  I took my own advice and printed out the pattern from my mini bottle apron tutorial and got to work.

This project was the perfect creativity quick fix that I could stop and start as needed while tackling my "to do" list each day.  And I found the repetitive "assembly line" nature of making multiple mini aprons to be very relaxing.  So, that's what I did.........
 If only I had had a few friends around to help me......

Monday, March 19, 2012

Beauty in the Details

I found some amazing items at an estate sale over the weekend.  I am always in search of vintage doll cribs, high chairs and buggies.  I use them to hold toys, stuffed animals and just about anything in the playroom.  Vintage and storage-it's a win, win.
This little crib took my breath away.  Beautiful wood, a sliding side-bar and it rolls!
Little hearts on the wheels!!!!
A doll high chair designed with such attention to detail.
This little silhouette is precious.
And 2 handmade doll outfits.  Bunny and George could not be happier!

Friday, March 9, 2012

A Crochet Quick Fix

In third grade, my neighbor's grandmother taught me to crochet and a crafter was born.  I made everything and anything that could be created with the basic chain stitch and that my pets at the time (a dog and two cats) could wear.  I created blankets, scarves and even hats for my pets and they enjoyed wearing them.  By fifth grade I had moved onto needlepoint and never had a chance to learn any of the more advanced crochet stitches or techniques.

Years ago, when crochet flowers started showing up on hats, scarves and clothing I was determined to learn how to make crochet flowers.  I checked out books from the library, but couldn't find the time to re-introduce myself to crochet and figure out how to make these cuties.  One night when I was randomly cruising Etsy, I typed in "crochet flowers" and found a wonderful quick fix to tide me over until I can find the time for crochet.  My daughter enjoyed laying the flowers and petals out on a long sleeve T.  I sewed them down and then added some of my beloved blanket stitch to the collar.

With Spring right around the corner, we will have to find some more shirts!

ThriftyThursdayModernButton1 Thrifty Thursday Week 68

Thursday, March 8, 2012

It's Never to Early to Start Collecting

I had wanted to check out an estate sale early last Friday while my daughter was at school.  But, my morning got away from me and I ended up having to go after I picked her up from Kindergarten.  Her only request, in return for tagging along, was a Wendy's Frosty.  The good news was that I knew the Frosty would keep her happy and busy while I browsed.  The bad news was that I knew when I heard her final slurp, it would be time to head home and my treasure hunting would be over.  The sale was pretty picked over, but I was happy browsing and she was happy slurping.  As I settled into sorting a box of vintage aprons I heard her little voice "Mommy, will you hold this".  I was handed a half finished Frosty and she turned her attention to a box of old baby clothes.  
She was thrilled with her first find-the perfect Spring top for her baby doll.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Treasure Hunting

Have you ever let out a little shriek at an estate sale when you have uncovered a treasure?  Only to have the other customers come running towards you to see what all the excitement is about?  Suspecting that you have just uncovered the pile of gold they inadvertently passed up.  Well, today I shrieked and everyone came running-only to find me admiring a pile of pie plates. 

And as the other customers returned to their hunting, I dug out my little buried treasure.  It was a fluted Pyrex pie plate (#229).  We have one passed down from my husband's grandmother and have treasured it for years.  I couldn't resist getting a second one for holidays that require baking multiple pies.  Plus, it seems that when I really treasure something, I find comfort in having a spare.
Then I made my way upstairs to the bedroom which had already been completely picked over.  But, when I lifted up an old comforter, I discovered a box of old aprons that nobody else had uncovered.  I usually find my vintage aprons on ebay and have never come across such a stash at an estate sale, so I was thrilled.  Adorable, never been worn, hostess aprons from the 50's and 60's.
And, this time I held in my shriek and was able to keep my discovery all to myself!